Articles > Dunkeswell or not  (2006)

By Colin Whitford

Sunday morning dawned with the thought that Phil and I might get off some were for a spin. Arriving at Bridport after passing Honiton in my car, which was covered in low cloud, it didn't look good!! We spent a couple of hours working on the planes in the hope that the weather would clear.

At 13.00 we phoned Dunkeswell for a weather check. They gave us aerodrome info, (helpful but not what we wanted). How about weather? Ohhhhh... It was, to say the least, vague but we thought we would give it a go. Phil took off in Rans G-MWUL followed by myself in Skyranger G-MARO. We saw a front coming in and we thought we would drop down to clear it. But no good, so I turned back as I felt very vulnerable in the mist. Phil pushed on for a mile and came to the same conclusion as me - better to be safe than sorry. Jim's training came to fore - if you cant see don't fly!!

After landing back at Bridport we watched Phil test fly a twin engined model look very nice, but didn't help ease my burning desire to be flying. So Phil and I revaluated the conditions and decided to head east on a local trip. We took off in G-MARO, climbed to 3,500 ft to clear the light misty cloud and were presented with one of the nicest views of Weymouth I have yet had, with the sun reflecting off the sea in the harbour at Portland.

There was no turbulence so we trimmed out the plane for level flight and just sat back and enjoyed the view.  We flew along the coast to Durdle Door, turned around and Phil pointed out some barrows and the Duke of Wellington cut into the chalk. This I thought is what it's all about. Just time to admire the cloud formations on the horizon, then Phil performed a faultless landing back at Bridport (he paid me to say that).

Now it's just a matter of waiting for the next ray of sunshine!!

Happy Flying



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