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By Chris Oakes

Yesterday the 5th November (bonfire night) I went for a lovely autumnal flight, although the temperature made it feel more like a winter's day. 

As it was a 15 knot northerly, my plan was to fly North to the Severn bridges and take some photos. In my year of flying Microlights this would probably be my farthest venture. 

I took off from runway 35 at Dunkeswell and continued North and apart from a reasonably sized blanket of dark grey cloud as I left the Blackdown Hills the weather was pretty good. Just before I got to Weston Zoyland a flight of five helicopter gunships flew across me heading towards Yeovilton no doubt. From their profile I would say they where Apache's, big ugly brutes. Before I realised this was a good photo op they where long gone. 

I continued North and was passed by Westland Approach onto Bristol Radar. I requested zone transit but without a transponder I sort of knew what the answer would be. I was instructed to stay out of controlled airspace and flew over the Mendips at 500 feet agl keeping under the CTA heading towards Chew Valley lake and Bath racecourse on my left and right respectively. 

I turned left just south of Chipping Sodbury or Chipping Nodbury as I referred to it by mistake. I would think that made them laugh in the control room. I headed towards the Severn and as the bridges came into view I realised on a engineering and architectural level how impressive these bridges are. Although in my opinion on an aesthetic level the old bridge wins hands down.

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I took my photos, crossed over into Wales without paying a toll and headed back towards Dunkeswell on a reverse route. The journey back took considerably less time with the tail wind. 

All in all, a lovely autumn/winter's day flight in my Thruster.

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Chew Valley Lake


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