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By Andy Barron

Where were you all?

Ok, the weather wasnt perfect but where's your sense of adventure?

Well done to Ian Abraham, Ben Goodrich, Al Way, Andy Oliver & ME!

Ian and I took a bumpy and turbulent route to Stoney Cross VRP then south east to Calborne, IofW. The water crossing was made at just under 1,000ft as at 2,000ft it was very cloudy. I know it was, I looked! On reaching the Island we turned towards lower cloud over Sandown, almost skimming barns and avoiding trees until, very relieved, I spotted the airfield. Text book landing from me: I had a ground speed of about 10 knots on landing, the wind was so strong. I had to accelerate to move up the runway to the parking! Ben arrived shortly after when we were pitching the tents.Oh how we shud have played the 'disabled parking' card then and camped nearer the bar! Al and Andy arrived later after we had fuelled up with 'watered down' fuel from Morrissons - so the bloke selling water seperating funnels told us. Well, he would wouldn't he?

We all had a good laugh in the bar. Poor Ben, first he opened a slate at the bar which we duly abused - I even managed to get my dinner on it! Then he did his bit on the karaoke. It was bloody awful but thats how its meant to be! Funniest moment was pushing him back down the field in his wheelchair, lashing down with rain, very merry, then hitting a hole in the ground that threw Ben out onto the wet grass! We couldn't move for laughing! Sorry mate!

Long-suffering Ben

Sleeping arrangements

Should've gone for that parking space! We woke up to grey skies, wet seats and wet clothes. Al and Andy went early, Ben next, then we left about 10.30 in the main scramble for the skies. Planes everywhere, then my radio packed up! Got it going again-ish when we got past Stoney Cross but no one could hear me. We managed a ground speed of nearly 50mph in the headwind getting back to Dunks in 2 hours. Next week end there's a fly in at Halwell, can anyone make that? I promise to be good to Ben for a change!

Red Barron



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