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1.5 miles ESE of Chard
Lat & Long: 5051'53.03"N, 254'38.48"W
OS Grid ref: ST 361 076
Private Farm Strip - strictly no landings without prior permission
540' AMSL

PPR: 01460 68855 / 07887 954155
(Pete Bishop)


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'Tracy Island' is a farm strip used by Colin and Pete Bishop and others in the Chard area. So called because of its slightly sub-terranean hangar! A windsock is sometimes located just to the south of the runway intersection. Runways are alligned approx. 36/18 (380m) and 25/07 (475m). The field is hump-backed. Circuits to the west.

Update 2009 - runway 25/07 no longer in use.

No A/G radio - calls may be made on 129.825 (microlight  frequency) or 135.475  (safetycom). Call blind if no answer.

View from the sout-west, looking north-east

Thunderbirds are go

Thunderbirds are go

View from west, looking east



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